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Cute dog alert! Watch as vocal Husky meets cat for the first time (videos)

Huskies are known for their intense personalities and vocalization skills, but there might not be a better introduction to the playfulness this breed possesses than what’s displayed in the following video. The above video features a Husky, as he is introduced to a new kitten. The Husky wastes no time in letting the kitten, as well as his owner, know exactly how he feels about the situation. At times, the vocal Husky sounds as if he’s wailing, “No,” to the thought of a new kitten in the family.

Husky meets cat for the first time.
Video screen grab

The video takes an incredibly cute twist as the Husky lifts a paw towards the kitten that follows in suit. If it weren’t for the Husky’s playful protests, you might think the dog and cat were high-fiving each other.

While Huskies are wonderful dogs, and are known for their intelligence, they aren’t a suitable match for everyone. Sometimes, a Husky’s intelligence increases his or her stubbornness. Many Huskies need obedience training and though they are good, family pets, can become easily tired from continual handling from children. Huskies are also masterful escape artists and should be owned by those who are ready to assume an “Alpha” position in the pack. Those interested in purchasing Huskies should use a certified, registered breeder and avoid puppy mills or other pet stores.

Check out this wonderful video of a Husky meeting a cat for the first time.

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