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Cute $1 manicure: Donna Michelle nail stickers

I noticed the Donna Michelle Nail Polish Stickers in Dollar Tree quite a few months ago. Since then I have been reluctant to getting a pack.

Colorful, floral print nail stickers by Donna Michelle
Photo by: Janel Lucas

Although I would only lose $1 if the application of these nail stickers went wrong, I overlooked purchasing them just for being content with using nail design adhesives from well-known brands like Sally Hansen, Kiss and Incoco. I also wanted to spare myself possibly wasting time and being disappointed, in case they failed me (as I really thought they would).

Not too long ago, I made a quick Dollar Tree stop and found myself looking at the Donna Michelle nail stickers once again. With naked nails and no special manicure plans in mind, I decided to get a pack. These stickers were available in about four different patterns. I picked the one that caught my eye the most- a colorful, floral pattern, perfect for the upcoming spring season.

One negative was that they came in exactly 10 stickers, leaving no room for error. Luckily, they were a breeze to apply and surprisingly these nail stickers were thin, light and easy to put on.

Many of them were slightly too big to fit my nails, so I trimmed around the edges for a perfect fit. Once adhering the stickers to my nails, I gently filed the excess off. I found that the mini emery board that was included in the pack was the perfect tool for this.

Once I got all 10 stickers applied, I sealed with a clear top coat and was pleasantly surprised by how well they turned out. With $1 spent, I’m pleased to have the finished results that I achieved. I am excited to see how long these Donna Michelle nail stickers will hold up.

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