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Cut tax rates to zero?

Growing numbers of Americans say the IRS should be abolished.
Growing numbers of Americans say the IRS should be abolished.
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Many Americans first heard this concept articulated during the 2012 presidential campaign. The Republicans were immersed in their Party primaries, and the candidates who were competing for their Party's presidential nomination were doing a series of televised "debates." As the topic turned to taxes, each of the candidates presented their own edition of tax cut proposals which only scratched the surface and failed to address the growing burden that the current tax system poses for most Americans. That is, until Ron Paul presented his point of view on the subject.

Dr. Paul stated that his tax reduction proposal was very simple. Cut the tax rate to zero for individuals and businesses. Many who were present in the hall for that debate cheered when they heard Dr. Paul vocalize most poignantly what most of them had been feeling. The current system of taxation is not working. It needs to be scrapped.

But some citizens are scared to death of this concept. Why? When asked why they are so adamant that we keep the current system or at least some semblance of it, they mumble something about the government not being able to pay its bills if you drop the tax rate to zero. How will we pay for anything, especially our beloved, sacred, and untouchable social programs? How will we pay for our military? How will the most basic functions of government be funded, such as the legislative, judicial, and executive branches that need revenue?

Dr. Paul has the simple, straightforward answer to those questions. The essential functions of government should be funded the way they were funded for the first 130 years of our nation's history -- through excise taxes and non-protectionist tariffs. This, along with eliminating the IRS and other unnecessary federal agencies, would provide more than enough funds to run the government, provided federal spending is cut to a manageable level. No one in their right mind can rationally claim the current system is manageable when the country is $17 trillion in debt and over $100 trillion in debt when unfunded liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare are added to that debt.

When asked about proposals such as a flat tax or a national sales tax, Dr. Paul is reluctant to lend his support due to the fact that these taxes tend to be regressive, hitting those who can least afford them the hardest. He states that the income tax is the most regressive tax of all and that it is illegal for the government to impose a direct income tax on its citizens. Congress does not have the Constitutional power to impose a direct income tax on the people, and therefore the 16th amendment should be repealed. The 16th amendment was imposed in 1913 at the insistence of "progressives" such as Woodrow Wilson. In addition, the income tax is actually a Communist/Marxist idea propagated by Karl Marx. In his book "Communist Manifesto" Marx indicates that a heavy progressive or graduated income tax is so important to the Communist cause that it occupies the second plank in his manifesto. Through a progressive or graduated income tax governments can control citizens easily. It can punish, squelch, reward certain citizens at the expense of others, and decide how much of their own money the people are "allowed" to keep.

Why is this so important? Hillary Rodham Clinton has made it clear on numerous occasions that she supports the Communist concept of enacting social change through taxation. She also uttered these telltale words when asked how much of their money should wealthy citizens get to keep. She stated, "Well, we'll let you keep some of it." And just how much of their own money do they "get to keep?" She gave us many hints indicating that she believes "we may not allow you to keep as much of your money as we thought. We may need to keep more of it for the common good." Marx himself could not have said it any better.

The point of all of this is that in 2016 Americans can rest assured that Democrats will give us a presidential candidate who believes in this Communist tenet. Hillary is not the only one, not by a long shot. Elizabeth Warren, who is often mentioned as an alternative to Hillary, also adheres to the Communist philosophy on taxation. So does Joe Biden. In fact, there is not one single Democrat of national import in the entire country who does not adhere to the taxation policies propagated by Karl Marx.

And the Republicans? Most are merely Democrat-light. Very few propose policies on taxation that stop the illegal power mongering of the oppressive IRS and its graduated income tax. Some do, indeed, propose drastic tax cuts and cuts in spending. But that is only half of the work that needs to be done. The tax rates and the entire tax code need to be scrapped.

Businesses would flourish if they paid no tax. U.S. corporate taxes are the highest in the industrialized world. Do you really want to know why companies move their operations off shore or overseas, taking their jobs with them? Thank your government. Businesses carry a heavy load of taxation that cuts into their profits, their viability, and their ability to create jobs. If we cut the corporate tax rate to zero, businesses will beat a path to our door, creating multimillions of jobs and a wave of prosperity.

The decade that witnessed the greatest period of American prosperity, growth, and wealth was the 1920s. Calvin Coolidge cut taxes drastically and slashed government spending to the bare bones. It got the nation out of a deep depression in 1920 and 21. Contrast that with the Hoover and Roosevelt response 10 years later to the Great Depression that kicked into high gear in 1933. With their reckless government spending and massive increases in taxes, the nation never really got out of the depression until World War II. And the facts prove it.

Fools and imbeciles keep doing the same thing over and over even though it doesn't work. This is the indictment against the federal government. This, then, is the time for sane citizens to force the issue. Rid the government of fools. A few simple measures such as those delineated above will correct a century of abuse and will most assuredly keep the nation from going under.

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