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Cut It Out - Salons Against Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse is a Crime
Domestic Abuse is a Crime

I've recently discovered a great place to get my hair done in Phoenix. While this has no relevance to the following article, I did find out the information from my new favorite hair place, and it would be remiss not to give them a little advertising in the process.

Maricopa Skill Center - Northwest Campus

1245 E Buckeye Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85034

(602) 238-4300

There is absolutely no where else to go in the Phoenix area where you can get a full or partial set of highlights (in my case, about 40 foils, a partial) for only $45 and $35 dollars respectively. I was also lucky enough to work with a student named Enrique, who really went above and beyond the call of duty. Between his expertise and knowledge he was able to make my hair look great, and turn my sister from a chocolate brown, to mostly blond in just one session. If you are looking to get your hair done in the Phoenix area, I suggest you call Enrique soon. He graduates in just 3 months and once he's brought his talents to a salon, his prices are sure to skyrocket!

Now, with that being said, while I walked around waiting for my hair to set, I came across a poster and mini brochures for a program called Cut It Out - Salons Against Domestic Violence. It was set in the entry way, placed to draw your attention. Upon reading the brochure, and following up with the website, I realized it is a brilliant campaign.

Initially I thought, why would anyone talk to their hair stylist about this? But, as the site points out, you talk to them about everything else, why not this? In addition, it is a place that a male abuser tends to avoid, the beauty salon. They are also up close and personal with your hair, face and exposed areas. They may see things that an abused person did not intend to be seen. They are also the ones cutting your hair, so when you request a cut that covers areas (bruises, scars) they more than likely know what it is from. If they don't, the site offers training from professionals here.

To make a donation, you can follow this link. You also receive an "I Care" pin as thanks.

For those who work in a Salon that does not participate, you can order your own materials from the website here.

I can say, I'm impressed that a training school has this information on hand for both the students and customers. Although Great Clips is listed as a major sponsor, I've been there (see those prices above? I'm clearly a fan of low prices), and never once seen any of this posted in their buildings. Seeing this so prominently displayed was a great find for those who may need the support when visiting the Maricopa Skill Center.

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