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Cut down on beauty spending with Project 10 Pan

Project 10 Pan is the ideal system for weeding out impulse buys and unused product.
Project 10 Pan is the ideal system for weeding out impulse buys and unused product.
Laura Tubb Prestwich

Project 10 Pan, which has a cult following among the beauty community of YouTube, is a wonderful way to thin out an over flowing makeup collection. Created by English Beauty Guru Laura, or lollipop26, Project 10 Pan is easy to start, if not so easy to follow through sometimes.

You start by selecting 10 items of makeup from your collection whether it be foundation, bronzer, or eyeshadow. It seems to be easier to choose from the products that you are currently using everyday. Once you have finished those 10 items, or "hit pan," you are allowed to purchase the beauty product of your choice. This means, of course, that you'll end up using some products that you have pushed to the back of your cabinets because you didn't like them. But don't worry. There is some forgiveness for totally running out of everyday products such as foundation when there isn't a back up, so you will be able to purchase necessary makeup throughout Project 10 Pan.

This system, which can be a little difficult for those unwilling to use products that they aren't crazy about, can be a good way to reintroduce yourself to the makeup that you may have forgotten in lieu of newer products. It also helps shoppers that may have a tendency to go overboard when purchasing new beauty products focus on how much money is being spent and how much product they are storing.

For more information on Project 10 Pan, please visit Laura's initial video at