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Customized bow hunting widgets

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Customizing your bow hunting equipment and gear is a personal endeavor to increase efficiency in harvesting an animal. The bow hunting market is full of widgets and nick-knacks that bow hunters, like you, envisioned and packaged for sale.

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Then there are the bow hunters who have particular needs and preferences that require them to create their own solutions for a customized set-up. Such an example is seen in the photo from a fellow bow hunter who modified a diaphragm reed case to be attached to the bow. Instead of digging through a pocket, he simply grabs a reed of his choice from off his bow.

Utilizing a typical diaphragm reed case, he covered it with camouflage Gorilla tape and used rubber “O” rings and a ladies hair bungee to close and open the case. It adds practically nothing in weight to the bow and his reeds are always in easy access and are super secure.

Bow slings are nothing new, but why pay a fortune for something that can be made in your kitchen. The bow sling seen in the slide show was made from nylon webbing and quick release buckles that can be purchased at any hiking or crafts store. Modern bow riser cut-outs are so large now that they make perfect sling attachment points. The bow is clear to fire after disengaging the upper quick release buckle.

The elastic bugle lanyard that clips to the backpack, presents a little less awkward way to carry an elk bugle. Using surgical tubing as the lanyard allows one to pull the bugle to the mouth while keeping a short and controllable tether.

When you are out bow hunting this year, think about your set up and what you wish you could improve. That is how great ideas are born and it might even help you succeed in harvesting an animal.