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Customize your shoes to every outfit with Cambiami Sandals

Customize your sandals by simply changing the straps or “uppers”.
Customize your sandals by simply changing the straps or “uppers”.
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To say most women pack a lot of shoes for a getaway is a bit of an understatement. Different outfits naturally require different shoes and many women pack extra shoes because one just never knows which shoes will work best with which outfit. The problem with this theory is, shoes take up a lot of luggage space, and most of the footwear packed end up not even being used during the trip. This begs the question, what if you could have different colored shoes to match your various outfits without packing 10-12 pairs of shoes and overloading your suitcase? Thanks to Cambiami and their customizable sandals, you can instantly transform your footwear on the go.

Cambiami (which in Italian means “Change Me”), recently launched a new line of sandals where the uppers or straps are completely removable and changeable. The uppers, which are available in 24 various colors and patterns, snaps on and off in four easy steps, which allows you to maximize your style options. With Cambiami, there is no longer a need to buy multiple pairs of sandals, just select your base or soles (available in black or tan), and build your Cambi (short for Cambiamis) with the available strap options. These versatile stylish, and elegant sandals are perfect when all you are looking for is a quick and easy change. Not only are these sandals fashionable, they're quite comfortable as well. The base features a foam insole for added cushion and comfort, a flexible foot bed so the shoe can contour when you walk, and a rubber outsole for better traction.

The brilliant mind behind Cambiami Sandals is Diane Licht, who got the inspiration for the innovative line of sandals after realizing she packed 10 pairs of shoes for her 12-day trip to Greece. A better and affordable way for women to quickly change their look without compromising their style was born soon after. To build your Cambi, the brand offers an introductory package - one base plus two uppers of your choice retails for $85.00. The base on its own is available for $40.00, with uppers available for $25.00 each. The Cambiami Sandals start at size 6 and go up to size 11. Uppers include leather, patent leather, prints, and animal prints, all of which are available now.