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Customer shows how to make Comcast honor their promises

Customer shows how to make Comcast honor their promises
Customer shows how to make Comcast honor their promises
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Horrendously bad customer service from Comcast is legendary. They consistent rank the worst among customer satisfaction surveys of customers rating internet and cable television providers, a class of companies that routinely rank lowest among service providers in general. In short, when ranked on customer service, Comcast is the worst of the worst by far.

This one customer, who's calls to Comcast that he recorded and uploaded on YouTube that have gone viral, has shown how to make companies like Comcast, who routinely lie to customers, honor their promises. The customer, Tim Davis, had moved and upon realizing that Comcast was the only provider of internet services where he moved to, had to transfer his Comcast service from the location he moved from.

After he moved, he installed the service himself using the infamous “self-install kit” and it worked great at first, then he started getting disconnected intermittently (something that is also legendary with Comcast due to poor wiring installed years ago in homes and apartment buildings by Comcast) so he called into the technical support. After all the usual do this and that and unplug this and reset that, they concluded the problem was not with his set up but with the wiring in the building and scheduled a visit with one of their technicians.

They promised the visit with the technician would be “free” but after the visit, they charged Davis $82 for the visit. He called them back to demand a refund for the unauthorized charges for the “free” visit by the technician. He was told the refund could not be granted and requested to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor claimed she could not issue the credit and then tried to scam him by offering him a “free” upgrade to higher speed “blast” internet service, a 60 dollar value by reducing his bill $5 per month for 12 months, rather than issue the credit for the $82 that they promised not to charge him.

I have had Comcast for years and have dealt with many of these same issues, including the offers (like the one offering me 3 months of free movie channels I never watch, like Tim Davis I declined the bogus offers and insisted on the credit or refund I was calling for) or the claims that it “not possible” to issue a credit. Davis realized the technician lied and wrote up a “failed self-install” which he showed was a lie. I once had that happen too, a technician fixed my issue by installing a new splitter (said the old on caused disconnections) and checking the outside writing. When I called in demanding a credit for the poor service, I was told the technician wrote up the problem as being one caused by my computer, which was a blatant lie.

But Davis used one key tactic I should have used in my dealings with customer service and supervisors with Comcast: He recorded the calls. This is great, because every time they lie or break a promise, he has the recording to prove otherwise.

Recording the calls is one of the best tactics you can use in dealing with such horrendously poor customer service. But there are others. One of the other tactics I used was to call in and ask to cancel my account. Calling in and telling them you're going to cancel your account routes your call to a “saves” department where the operators there are paid by commission for many customers they can talk out of canceling their accounts. But in doing that, they are authorized to give credits, offers, deals and refunds that regular customer service representatives don't have the authorization to offer. So, the effect is, by calling into cancel I am speaking to someone who has more ability to offer credits and adjustments on my bill.

After my problems with Comcast, I looked up online to see if others had similar problems, and I found some message boards where numerous customers posted similar stories as mine and Davis's regarding the same and other problems with Comcast. I can't express in words just how horrible their customer service really is, just ask anyone who has had Comcast service for any number of years and has had to deal with these kinds of issues.

While the supervisor repeatedly told Davis she couldn't issue the credit, she repeated that line “We value you as a customer...” which they promptly disprove by showing you that they do not value you as a customer. They clearly have forgotten, or never have learned, the old adage “the customer is always right.” When Davis finally did speak to someone who issued the credit for $82, he got that usual smug and arrogant response they give, as if they are doing you a favor to do what they are supposed to be doing and promised, when they told Davis that it was “a valid charge” but they nonetheless decided to be nice and give the credit anyway. They act like they're doing you a favor.

But then he asked if they would have done it had he not recorded the call promising the visit from the technician would be free. They readily admitted, he was screwed and would be forced to pay the unauthorized charge of $82 if he hadn't recorded the call. That alone speaks volumes about Comcast customer service.

Tim Davis fought back and won. He made Comcast honor their word. Click here to listen to his calls with Comcast.

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