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Customer shot barber several times, left him to die after having his haircut

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A customer allegedly shot a barber multiple times and left him to die Thursday afternoon in DeKalb County after the barber apparently cut the man’s hair.

So far, police have not yet identified the suspect and the DeKalb County Medical Examiner's Office has not yet released the identity of the victim who died after being transported to the hospital.

The incident happened shortly after noon at the We Are Hair barbershop at 5616 Memorial Drive, according to the DeKalb County police. Investigators said the barber was the only one inside when a man, between 19 and 25 years old, entered the shop.

"The guy comes in and gets a haircut, afterwards he does not pay the barber he shot him several times," police spokesman Capt. Steven Fore said. The shooter then robbed the barber before fleeing the scene, Fore said. But police could not confirm what was taken.

No vehicle was seen outside the business, so police believe the suspect left on foot Fore said.

The wounded barber, who was in his 40s, came outside asking for help and someone from the business next door saw him and called 911, Fore said. The man was able to tell police what happened before he died, the spokesman said.

An ambulance transported the man to Grady Memorial Hospital where he died in surgery, Fore said. Police was not able to obtain a detailed description of the suspect.