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Customer service via mobile apps! A recent trend!

Mobile apps are the effect of the advancement in technology and latest developments in communication techniques.
Mobile apps are the effect of the advancement in technology and latest developments in communication techniques.

With the advancement in technology and the latest development of new techniques and methods to assist in effective communication, mobile apps are the latest trends which are taking the industry by storm!
This recent trend has prompted a number of companies and brands to introduce their mobile apps for the assistance of their client market. As the demand for smartphones has grown, so has the preference for mobile apps in the industry.

Consumer Market And Mobile Apps

The rising preference for mobile apps by the consumer market can be assessed from the fact that around 70% of smart phone users have more than 10 mobile apps downloaded on their gadgets. A study shows that around 29% users have more than 30 apps on their smart phones, while 12% have above 50 mobile apps downloaded on their phones.

According to a study, consumers are currently spending 10% more time operating on their apps than browsing on the web. The trend is on the rise and expected to grow in the near future.

A study states that about 60% of individuals admitted that they were downloading around 5 new apps every month. Calculations estimate that this amounts to around 60 new apps being downloaded in a year by an individual! The trend is indeed on the rise!

Impact Of Mobile Apps On A Brand

A research estimates that around 72% of consumers have a more positive review of a brand if the company offers a customer service app. About 81% of consumers have been estimated to spread their good experience with a customer service app with other people through word of mouth and social media.

Therefore, offering an efficient customer service app is a good way to please tyour customers and ensure an increase in client base and sales.

Reasons For Mobile App Preference

There are a number of reasons that mobile apps are preferred by consumers and the trend is becoming so popular with the client market. Around 45% of consumers are of the view that customer service apps offer more convenience.

About 40% advocate that the service is always available, while 20% feel that these apps are more personal.

App Improvements To Enhance Usage

Many individuals readily download a number of mobile apps, but don’t actually use them. The key to ensure that they utilize the offered features and promote its benefits to the potential target market is to provide the customer with what they want.

More than 30% of customers report that an effortless transition to the live agent of the company would serve to increase the app use of a brand. Nearly 30% of users state that they will use an app which better meets their needs.

By providing consumers with a customer service app which ensures ease and convenience, a business can ascertain happy customers.

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