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Customer service inspiration

You get out of something what you put into it. Well, this is somewhat true. For the most part, when you wake up smiling you have the best day, right? Unfortunately, no, if no one smiles back. I put my best into my appearance, my talent, and my services. Somehow, no matter my personal motive for any given day, the best days are the ones where I can receive inspiration in various forms from my clients, such as smiling, being cooperative, peacable, and having intelligent conversation and communication.

As a working cosmetologist, barber, and instructor, my clients are many. Coworkers, students, peers, clients that I perform services on, my family, my community, the general public. With the cosmetology industry being one of a foundation of customer service, this is the one area I feel needs the biggest improvement. Where has the love gone for people? Where is the happiness? The peace of mind? The will to help others? The interest in achievement as a whole? Where are all the smiling faces?

Everyday I go to work to work. Building people up, men, women, and children alike, is my job and my passion. I am joyful when I meet confident people. I am overjoyed when I meet people and provide services for them to help them to become their most confident self. If I come home at the end of a work day knowing that no one smiled back, it was not the "best" day. To be inspired, I like to be reassured that my excellent customer service was noted, in the least, to give me a jump start on inspiration for the next work shift. Every day is a work day. Smile and inspire and motivate all you meet!

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