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Customer-Centered Philosophy

The consistent message from industry to industry focuses on attention to the needs of the individual customer. CoachUp built on their strength and their customer-centered philosophy.

Elaine Love of relates to this philosophy of comprehensive high quality services with a focus on individual customer service. In this interview with Victoria of CoachUp, we discussed the “Find-the-need and fill-the-need” approach to company origin and branding.

Point of Origin

Jordan Fliegel was blessed with height, but in order to become a professional basketball player he needed to be coached one-to-one with a program customized to him. Personalized coaching enhanced his talent and skill to the point that he received 50 recruiting offers, played professionally for Israel and became a private coach.

Jordan’s expertise combined with Arian Radmand (sailing) and Gabe Durazo (technology) to create a comprehensive personalized coaching program. With liability insurance, waivers, payments, coaching session scheduling and bothersome paperwork details in one neat package, the athlete and coach can concentrate on developing skills.

Victoria came to CoachUp from the opposite scenario. She was a runner in high school; an injury ended her running career. If coaching had been affordable and accessible at the time, it could have made the difference for her.

Establishing the Brand

CoachUp wants to be a thought leader in the industry in skill development. The message is clear; the athlete is top priority. They accomplish their mission for the athlete through a focus on health, harmony and relationship with the coach.

In their brief 2 year existence CoachUp has grown to a core team of 20 with 12,000 coaches throughout 20 top cities.

Despite the fact that they do encounter “Tiger Moms,” the focus has to remain on the kids having fun as well as elevating their performance levels. Middle school kids and beyond want to be around their friends and perform well in front of others. One-to-one coaching is a safe environment in which to advance their skill.

Marketing the Brand

Victoria reiterated that CoachUp is in an exploratory phase with their marketing. At this point they are focusing on a consistent message through their blog, personal network, press releases, articles, magazines and Facebook. Print, TV and NPR are in the wings for the next marketing phase.
The message they are promoting is the strong team of CoachUp who is passionate about helping kids increase their confidence in sports, school and social interactions. salutes CoachUp for their dedication to making a positive impact on kids lives.

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