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Custom make polymer clay buttons to finish your fiber projects

Buttons, buttons but not the right color or size/
Buttons, buttons but not the right color or size/

Finding the right button to accent your finished project always seems to be a challenge, Button manufacturers often use odd-ball colors and sizes that just don't fit your project. The standard size buttons are usually just plain Jane types and clearly just serviceable, not the item with pizazz you want.

So what is a crafter to do when the size or color just don’t finish your piece properly? Search the internet to find just what you want. That may take some time and the color may be off based on your monitor or their pictures.

Better yet, make your own using polymer clay as show by crochet blogger Rhondda.

Rhondda blogs at Oombawka Design Crochet. In her own words she describes herself as a ‘crochet enthusiast’ and designer. Her site contains both free and paid patterns and informative tutorials covering many different aspect of crochet. Check out some of the free hat patterns if you are looking for a new design for charity work.

Rhondda has posted a tutorial on how to make your own buttons for your finished projects. This allows you to make the color, size and design you want for your hand-crafted masterpiece. Rhondda received the products used in the blog post from Wholeport craft supplies, but you may find the same type of material at your local craft shop.

Rhondda makes this project look easy, but I’m sure it would take a few tries to get a good looking rose button, however I’m sure the flat looking buttons would be easier to make the first time trying this process. They may be simple, but they would be in your desired size and color.

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