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Custom-like fit, album sound with Audio-Technica's SonicFuel™ In-ear Headphones

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I have a lot of professional musician friends who've given up listening to music on smartphones. They were used to the kind of earbuds that come with the MP3 players and, to them, it was if the top half of a layer cake were sliced off and thrown away. Yet, the whole idea of carrying your music library in your pocket on all of your travels is so appealing! I just suggested to a travel writer friend that she should listen to music though her MP3 player to keep from getting lonely overseas.

That's why I was so happy to be hosted to experience Audio-Technica's SonicFuel™ In-ear Headphones! First thing when you get them, take a few minutes to custom select the right ear bud for you and then, the c-ring that makes them stay in place. So, these earphones won't be popping out like others do.

Right on the cord, you can control volume or stop the music altogether -- quickly -- with the touch of one button.

But how does the music sound? My professional musician friends would be stunned. I'm hearing bass lines and harmonies that I didn't even know were on my recordings! Now you can have high quality sound even in an active life, on the go.

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