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Custom Aquariums

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Custom aquariums are entertaining and enchanting as well as simply beautiful. With clear water and multi-colored tropical fish, they add a special ambiance to any room or hallway. An attractive, eye-catching marine aquarium adds life and movement to the area. Sea Aquatic Aquariums are experienced in creating custom aquariums for your imagination, and it’s amazing to watch the aquatic life become the star of the décor.

The Custom Aquarium of Your Dreams

Many people choose to add this three-dimensional artwork to hotel lobbies, casinos, restaurants and entranceways because it is more fascinating in color and movement than other types of art. All of our aquariums are unique to the space and venue that they inhabit.

Sea Aquatic Aquariums designs and hand-crafts each stand and aquarium according to your desires. We use patent-pending bonding and proprietary adhesives to ensure there will be no leakage problems in the life of the aquarium. Other companies that build free-standing foundations are known to find leaks, and the entire aquarium to be taken down so that new adhesive can be applied.

Our custom-made aquariums start with our smallest size at 500 gallons. The largest would be our concrete aquariums, which can be built up to 35,000 gallons, but creating acrylic aquariums is the heart-beat of Sea Aquatic Aquariums. Our professional team of fabricators, artisans and designers are experts in acrylic because it has so many benefits.

Acrylic is clearer, and it has a superior degree of visibility that glass does not have. Acrylic is lighter than glass, so there is less distortion, but the really exciting aspect of using acrylic is that tanks can be designed to hold 8,000 gallons in virtually any shape you can imagine. It is our pleasure to provide the aquarium of your dreams, and create visions of the Caribbean.

Your Unique Aquarium

The finished aquarium will amaze you as well as bring a sense of peace to whoever sees it. Your Sea Aquatic creation is durable and engineered to withstand six times the maximum load capacity.

To populate the aquarium, we offer realistic, hand-crafted coral reefs to enhance your mini-ocean. They are individually adhered to the floor of the aquarium, so all you need to add is water and a beautiful assortment of fish and sea creatures. We don’t know exactly what you prefer until you tell us, so contact our experts, and let us add a touch of live entertainment and serenity to your home or business.

About The Author: Jason Denton is a writer for SeaQuatic Aquariums, the premier custom aquarium designers. We are an acrylic tank manufacturer.