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Curtis Young's Billionaire Ambition mixtape tour rolls to Peoria

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When a person is successful in their own rights, you just have to show your appreciation when they strive so hard to go outside their social ambient to help others. That is why Curtis Young buzzing mixtape project tour is rolling right as rain.

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After a successful stop in East St. Louis, St. Louis and Memphis, the Billionaire Ambition mixtape tour will focus on Peoria, IL. Curtis Young and his lovely wife Vanessa, have seen a lot of pavement within the markets of 30 days.

Stepping out of the prolific shadows of his father, legendary hip hop/producer/entrepreneur Dr. Dre, Curtis is seeking to be a hip hop activist, as well as a teacher in the game of music branding.

He is also a rapper, with a style sort of unique, and remarkably like his father. However, his approach to the Billionaire Ambition mixtape tour, is to seek out all the hard working Independent artists in the Midwest, and bring them to the stage.

A stage that will help teach them the game of the hip hop industry, as well as guide them on how to brand themselves. In the fabric of this thing called life, nothing is ever promised, but if you strive hard and have an ambition. Anything may be possible and dreams can be achieved.

With the help of East St. Louis businessman/activist/studio head Clint Collins, Curtis is moving full steam ahead, with his team including the legendary DJ Scratch.And let's not forget social executive Yvette Hicks, Clint's new assistant.

The next stop is Peoria, and I will have the opportunity to finally settle down and be a part of this promising ride. I also got an inside scoop on the promoter Gemini Jilla, who is hosting the tour at Trendz Nightclub, August 15, 2014 in Peoria, IL.

He is hailed from Chicago, and was raised in Bloomington IL, and now lives in Peoria. He is a solo rap artist and a Linwood Coalition member. His goal within the scope of Curtis’ project is to bring together all types of artist, so they can have the opportunities to manage, market and promote their music.

Opportunities ranging from artist features, video and photo shoots, radio and television commercials to promote albums, account management and web layouts. Gemini Jilla was fortunate to jump on board by contacting Clint Collins’ assistant Yvette Hicks, a hard working young lady who is making power moves in the St. Louis/East Louis areas.

Gemini Jilla have partners coming from all the world to participate in this event and for future opportunity for artist, please feel free to contact him at 309-713-4842.

You can also go to Facebook to contact Yvette Hicks or Clint Collins for more information on how to be a part of Curtis Young's Billionaire Ambition mixtape.


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