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Cursive at the Common Grounds

Nebraska rockers, Cursive
Nebraska rockers, Cursive

Sometimes Sundays are short, fleeting and forgettable. Full of cat naps and moping around the house in your pajamas. If you are lucky though, an event comes along that shakes all that up and ends the weekend with a band.

Nebraska rockers Cursive worked the Common Grounds early Sunday Night, playing a long setlist spanning across all of their albums. They cemented their status as veterans of the stage by seamlessly gliding from song to song, keeping the energy in the air palpable. Frontman, Tim Kasher, crooned and gesticulated as if he was channeling the music through his body.

Cursive holds a unique place in the world of indie music, they've consistantly produced interesting and new albums, messing with vocal styles and subject material. Their album Domestica deals with the concept of a failing marriage while The Ugly Organ tackles Kashers rampant emotions and sexual meanderings.

If you are new to the band, The Ugly Organ is a great place to start listening to them. Their new album Mama I'm Swollen was released earlier this year and was also very strong. During their set they played quite a few songs off it, ending the night with From the Hips, their first new single.

One of the opening bands, The Early Twenties, will be playing at UF's Rion Ballroom January 14th.