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Cursing toddler update: Viral video of cursing toddler leads to police action

A cursing toddler and his siblings have been taken into protective custody after a video posted online by the Omaha Police Union showed the toddler swearing. Soon after the video went viral, Omaha police looked deeper into the case and ended up taking the children out of the home because they were "concerned about the youth's well-being and safety."

The video itself has caused plenty of controversy with some outlets referring to the toddler as a "thug in training" -- one of those outlets was the Omaha Police Union. People have been discussing the video and the subsequent police action which has really caused this story to blow up all over the Internet.

The cursing toddler and his siblings will remain in protective custody for the time being -- but since prosecutors have not found any criminal activity connected to the parents of these kids, they will likely be released back to their family. What do you think about the swearing child? Should the video have been posted online to begin with?

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