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Cursing toddler video: Toddler's mother is minor, both taken out of home

The cursing toddler video that resulted in four children being removed from their home is still in the headlines today as the minor mother of the tot defends herself as a “good mother.” The mother of this toddler wasn’t identified because she is a juvenile, reports CNN News on Jan. 9. She too was put in protective custody along with her son.

Cursing baby video: Bad for the parents to post, but ok for police union to post?
YouTube screen shot

The mother of this toddler being coached to swear up a storm on this video is only 16-years-old. Basically the video depicted kids coaching a toddler to say these vile things.

The toddler is seen in a diaper saying things like “Shut up bit*h” and he is seen knocking over a chair and flipping his middle finger at the camera. This video was posted to YouTube and brought to the attention of authorities in Omaha, Nebraska.

Authorities asked prosecutors to assess the video to see if any crimes were committed. While the video was vile and very disturbing to see, there was no crime committed. The child welfare department in Nebraska investigated the family and found some safety issues that allowed them to remove four children from the home.

The mother of the toddler, who is basically a child herself, spoke to a CNN affiliate, KETV, claiming that the toddler swearing is something all kids do. While she doesn’t allow her son to swear, she was in the other room at the time and a friend of her brother filmed the video she claims.

She said you have to look at the entire picture, the baby had on a clean diaper and the house was clean, it wasn’t as if he was in bad surroundings, the mother said. She also told the reporter:

"He's a smart little boy. All that cussing that he did, he doesn't do that," she said. "Somebody told him to do that. My son doesn't do that. I don't allow it."

This 16-year-old mom points the finger at her brother’s friend saying:

"He was wrong for doing that .. posting the video up and getting us into this situation," she said. "Everybody that thinks I'm a bad mother, I'm not. I'm a good mother to my son. I teach him a lot. He's very smart."

It sounds as if this very young mother thinks that the friend was to blame for getting the family split-up by filming and posting the video. She fails to mention the people who were coaching this kid to say these vulgar things as the biggest part of the problem.

The video has gotten a lot of attention because after the authorities removed the kids out of the home, the Omaha Police Officer’s Association posted this video for the public to view. They were under fire for perpetuating this filth.

The executive director of Black Men United in Omaha, Willie Hamilton said:

"It's almost like the kid was abused twice: once by the people in the video and once by the police officers association."

People were outraged to think that this video that was deemed disturbing, vile and vulgar by the police found its way to the Police Associations website.

Sgt. John Wells, president of the Omaha Police Officers Association offered up this bizarre excuse for posting the video:

"The whole point of this is to give an unfiltered view of what police officers deal with every day."

If this were the case, this would open the door for police to post all kinds of disturbing gore that they run across on a daily basis.

The police association’s website conveyed that they are trying to “break the cycle and deal with the culture of violence and the culture of gang activity” by sharing this video with the public. Hamilton pushed back saying:

"For them to take a video out of context -- a 2-year-old who doesn't have the brain capacity to know what's going on -- and to say that this child, because two adults acted inappropriately, is going to end up in a life of crime is totally inappropriate."

“Gang activity fears,” prompted the state to relocate the child and his mother in the past. The toddler was one of five injured when shots were fired in a home back in October.

The fact that this mother is only 16 seems to get lost in the shuffle as fingers are pointed at the inappropriate posting of this video online. First by the mother who blames the brother’s friend for the kids getting taken out of the home after posting the video online. Next the Omaha Police Association is blamed for posting this video and victimizing the toddler all over again.

What you most likely were seeing in this video is a bunch of kids. It happens that one of the kids had a kid of her own. A toddler doesn’t belong with a group of young teens. This young mother is just a kid herself needing parental guidance.

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