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Cursing toddler in video goes viral, ‘thug cycle’ video sparks heated CNN debate

A cursing toddler video that was posted by the Omaha Police Officers Association has gone viral on Friday, and has even prompted a heated debate on CNN.

Cursing toddler video has many outraged online

In the video, a toddler is seen walking around in a diaper and being cursed at and called the N-word by two or three unidentified adults.

It’s not clear if one of the adults is the mother of the child, although CNN has recently reported that the mother—who is a teenager—says she was not in the room at the time.

The video is predictably causing controversy, but not simply over the fact that a toddler is not only being cursed at, or repeating the curse words himself.

In the video, the toddler can be seen holding up his middle finger to the camera, too.

But the Omaha Police Officers Association is taking heat on the issue, as well. In their original video, which they now have claimed was posted online to show what kind of culture officers are forced to combat on a daily basis in Omaha, the toddler’s face was not obscured.

Once CNN got a hold of the video however, the child’s face was blurred.

On CNN, the outrage seemed to be on the verge of boiling over. CNN’s Don Lemon and guest Marc Lamont Hill seemed to butt heads on the issue during the course of the ten minute segment.

Lemon claims that on a regular basis, he sees parents cursing at their children while walking the streets of New York City.

Hill seemed to have a different take altogether. While outraged over the fact that a child appeared to be neglected and verbally abused, he felt that race was important also.

Hill suggested that the Omaha Police Officers Association needs to be taken to task for not only posting the video, but labeling it a “thug cycle” video. In Hill’s assertion, he believes that the police website that posted the video is implying that this child will grow up to become a thug based on the fact that he curses on camera, and that viewers will negatively associate this video with common black stereotypes.

Lemon, along with another guest, attempted to convince Hill that the video was not about race—that kids of all races have bad parents or guardians—and that race didn’t belong in the conversation at all.

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