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Cursing toddler in protective custody: Mother reacts to backlash

A cursing toddler is in protective custody after a viral video was viewed online. The footage showed an African-American two-year-old in a diaper swearing, voicing racial slurs, and gesturing obscenities. Three adults were off-camera encouraging the child to act the way he did. The video sparked an outrage after Omaha Police Department union members posted the clip on their website. They wanted to educate the public on what kinds of things they witness daily with children in a bad environment.

IB Times reports Jan. 19 that the 16-year-old mother of the cursing toddler who is now in protective custody is speaking out about the removal of her son. She insists she's a good mother and told CNN this in her statement. Her name has not been released for legal reasons.

"My son doesn't curse like that I don't allow it," the boy's mother said. "That video wasn't me it was a person that came into my house. For everybody that thinks I'm a bad mother I'm not, I'm a good mother to my son."

The Omaha Police Officers union justifies their reasons for posting the video on their site to give an example of the "cycle of violence and thuggery" that communities face.

"The focus here isn't on any particular ethnic group. The focus here is on the troubling behavior towards this child," Sgt. John Wells, the union's president, said. "This behavior is going to potentially lead this child down a path that is completely unhealthy."

In all, four children were removed from the home, including the toddler now in protective custody. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the state has had to deal with the family. Last June the Department of Health and Human Services in Nebraska were investigating a call about child neglect within the home.

It is hard not to feel bad for the cursing toddler that is currently living in protective custody. What happened to him was not his fault and probably one of the worst things he will ever do was just splashed all over the Internet for everyone to see. Adults who allow -- or encourage children to conduct themselves this way -- are simply not good examples to those who do not know better.

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