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Cursing toddler from viral video removed from Omaha home

A cursing toddler featured in a video that went viral is now in protective custody. WMC TV shared the details on Jan. 9.

A cursing toddler and three other children were removed from the home
Screencap via Newsy

The video featuring the cursing toddler showed the youngster also talking about sex and sharing gang signs. The video was less than 2 minutes long, but the little guy tossed out some 35 swear words as he was encouraged by the adults filming the incident. At one point the young boy even flipped off the camera.

It seems that the cursing toddler has been placed in protective custody not due to the video itself, but for other issues in the home that were deemed problematic. The video was recently posted on the Omaha Police Officers Association website page and it went viral from there. They posted it saying they wanted to highlight the “cycle of violence and thuggery” in the community, but they have faced harsh criticism for the post according to CNN.

The cursing toddler and three other children were removed from the Omaha home due to safety concerns. It seems the family posted the video online on their own initially, and then it was later picked up by the Omaha Police Officers Association and reshared. Now the cursing toddler video has gone viral, and many can simply cringe at what they see this young child has been taught. It's unclear at this point whether the children involved will be returned to the home or not.

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