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Curse of Naxxramas releasing tomorrow?

The first Adventure mode!
The first Adventure mode!

Tomorrow is Tuesday, July 15th. As of this moment, Blizzard is still insistent that the first Adventure mode expansion pack for Hearthstone, Curse of Naxxramas, will be coming in July. So far an official release date has not been announced.

Is it possible that Naxxramas will launch tomorrow? Many internet denizens seem to think so. Much of the evidence involves strange clues and twitter posts made by Blizzard employees that have nothing to do with the game at all. Is it possible that the new mode could release without a prior announcement? It wouldn't be without precedent.

In fact, the official launch of the game as it came out of open beta was unannounced. The server went down for maintenance and when it came back, it brought with in an announcement that the game was officially out of open beta. When the iPad app was released onto the App Store, it too was a total surprise before the day of release.

Halfway through the month seems like a fine time to release the new mode, but the closer we get to the 15th the more I become convinced that the game will not be releasing tomorrow. While we were finally given the price details last week, it seems as though the mode will have more than a week gap between the launch and that announcement. Perhaps I'm just too cynical, but I'm thinking we should throw the brakes on the hype train a little bit. If the new modes (and more importantly, some of the new cards) release tomorrow, nobody will be more excited than I am. However, until we get more information (and in light of the fact that the IEM Shenzhen Hearthstone tournament is taking place this week) I would expect a wait time of at least one more week. July 22nd would be after tournament time, still not quite the very end of July, and due to the 5 wings being released once per week, would set up the final wing to come out during the last week in August. Beautiful symmetry.

I would love to be wrong, but look for Curse of Naxxramas to release on July 22nd at the earliest.