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Current Events Journal

Current Events Journal is a project for your teens. You can let them clip news articles and then journal write about these major events. You can go to the Wilkes Public Library to get books to do the research in depth in the topics. Like go for books that describe regions of the world. Then you can create a Map highlighting the regions you read about. You might consider getting literature or stories as well from those regions. Give your kids a in depth look at the regions they are looking at in their Current Events Journal.

You can lean more about regions like Iraq , Syria or Iran where there is turmoil in the world currently. You can look at the history of the places and how now Social Media has impacted. Your teens can study the concept of how Social Media has impacted countries politically around the world. You can study deeper the subject and clip articles from events happening in the regions. You can also look into Ukraine and other hot spots like Venezuela. You can look at how a place has like Venezuela has many current events occuring as the country redefines itself. You can look into these Current Events deeper and get your teens aware of their World today.

You can make it into a fun project and look at clips on Youtube or watch news from the USA or around the world to give you more ideas on Current Events to research closer this Summer.

You can seek out to study these regions: Middle East - Iraq, Iran and Syria

South America - Venezuela

- Colombia

Asia - Japan

You can actually try to focus your Current Events research to regions and specific countries. You can gather enough clips about these specific regions and gather a pattern of events. For example you can study the Scientific Advances in Japan and look for all the major Current Events dealing with the Scientific Community in Japan. You can get your kids learning about Science and Cureent Events at the same time in regards to Japan. Then you can seek out books about Japan's history at the Wilkes Public Library and then learn more about its past. You can then look at major biographies of Japan's Scientific Trend Setters, /You can also do this with the USA. You can look at books about the history of the US and look for Current News about Scientific Innovation. Getting Biographies of Trend Setters like Steve Jobs. Or follow the Current Events of Companies like Apple. You can do an innovative Current Events Journal. This can be a fun Summer project to start with your teens. You can then go to the Wilkes Public Library and learn more about these figures or places.

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