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Current and future projects for Quentin Tarantino

Rumors of eclectic director Quentin Tarantino's next project or projects have been swirling since at least late 2013. First there was the "Kill Bill" additions, then there was the project rumored to be similar to "Jackie Brown," then there was the third movie in the thematic trilogy of "Inglourious Basterds" and "Django Unchained." There was also "The Hateful Eight," which the director announced as his next movie in 2013, only to announce it was off again when the script leaked. However, "Hateful Eight" appears to be back, with vengeance and a poster.

"The Hateful Eight" poster came out at the end of July 2014, more or less confirming the movie as Tarantino's next official project. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, the poster announces the movie as Tarantino's eighth movie and a release date of 2015. The poster is in stark black and white and depicts an old Western-style wagon being pulled by six horses, while behind it streaks a trail of blood. Tarantino himself gave a casual response confirming the movie as his next project at Comic-Con.

Now movie buffs can discuss the list of big names linked with the project, not confirmed, but originally confirmed by Tarantino before the script leak fiasco. Those actors include Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Dern, among others. Earlier in July, Tarantino suggested that the movie could start shooting in 2015, while another entertainment report said he might shoot it before the end of summer 2014. Whatever the case, "The Hateful Eight" will be Tarantino's first true Western, as opposed simply to containing Western elements, such as in "Kill Bill."

Aside from this now-confirmed project for Tarantino, many fans are left wondering just how many movies the director has left to make. As he hit the age of 50 in 2013, Tarantino has made several comments and suggestions that he might hang it up once he reaches the age of 60. Tarantino said he believes that many other directors lose touch with the current times when they continue to make films past the age of 60. He hopes to go out with a "terrific filmography" and not add lifeless, boring films to the tail end of his career.

Anyone following Quentin Tarantino knows that he has mentioned and discussed a number of potential projects over the years. The question is how many will get made before he decides to hang it up at 60, if indeed he does. The following is a list of projects that Tarantino has given names to and even some plot details.

"Killer Crow" is the oft-talked about prequel project to "Inglourious Basterds." Tarantino has said that he has an entire universe plotted out for "Basterds" and could make two sequels, as well as a prequel. The movie would be set in 1944 and would follow black troops tired of American military subjugation who go on a warpath of revenge..

"Kill Bill 3" is another rumored project that continues to persist, and one that Tarantino himself has said he would like to make. The plot would supposedly center around the character of Nikki exacting her revenge. Tarantino said that "Nikki deserved her revenge" just as much as the Bride character in the movies. Recent commentary on the project has been largely vague, with Tarantino saying he only has "ideas and notes," but no plot.

Another possibility, and a result of Tarantino's request for the Weinsteins to buy rights to Elmore Leonard's novels, is "40 Lashes Less One." He has already made a film based on a Leonard novel in 1997's "Jackie Brown." The story in "40 Lashes Less One" concerns an Apache and black former soldier who are prisoners sentenced to death. They are given a chance for freedom if they can hunt down and kill the five worst outlaws in the West. The story certainly has a long line of Tarantino elements, including bounty hunters, and lately Westerns.

These three only scratch the surface of the films and projects that Tarantino has hinted at over the years. He has also mentioned a disaster movie, a sexploitation movie, a James Bond redux, a sci-fi film, a Marvel superhero project, something related to characters from "Pulp Fiction" and "Reservoir Dogs," a 1930s gangster movie, a spy movie and a remake of a classic Italian horror film.

Whether Tarantino gets to any or all of these films obviously remains to be seen. However, movie buffs can currently set their sights on the director's first true Western and its hopeful release in 2015.

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