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Current Affairs of Dressage in State of Improvement

Dressage is currently in a state of improvement.
Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

In an article from the DressageDaily newsletter by Bonnie Walker, the topic of whether the sport of dressage may be declining in popularity was discussed. Ms. Walker notes that the current affairs of dressage are in a state of improvement.

In recent years, books and videos about dressage have become much more accessible than they were in years past. There is a plethora of information about dressage, dressage horses, and dressage training for horse and rider on the internet as well. Social networking and video feedback has encouraged interest in the sport as well as encouraging better standards and procedures for designing and for implementing the training needed for the sport.

New dressage procedures require judges to be educated on the mechanics of dressage. This education is only available through enrollment in the L program. The L program covers all aspects of dressage riding, including how the horse and rider’s bodies move while performing dressage maneuvers and how to help the horse and rider improve their balance. Instructors are now educated as well. Instructors follow a rigid program and are then awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the program.


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