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Curran election challenger Collins wants incumbent to drop out of race

You probably have heard about how 3rd district councilman Robert Curran (a big supporter of Pete Welch's bid to replace his mother) told constituents to say there was a gun involved when calling 911 in order to speed up the response by the police. Here in Reservoir Hill I have known of people who have successfully implemented this technique in the past. I do not advise doing this, but it has worked before.

Curran's general election challenger Gary Collins does not like what Curran had to say and thinks it is serious enough that Curran should drop out of the race and not seek reelection. Can you read the Collins press release here.

It is sad that we have gotten to this point in Baltimore. We need to figure out why it takes so long for the police to respond to some 911 calls. Many criminals take full advantage of the delays and clearly know about them.


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