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Curly, Sexy Hair- 101


Having naturally curly hair is glorious! Curly hair in the past has always been attached to the image of natural beauty and grace. Unfortunately, modern fashions of the last century have dashed curls magnitude. Now it’s time to bring ‘Curl Back’. If you have naturally curly hair rock it, live it, flaunt it. If you truly embrace God’s gift people will take note and they will admire with tongues a’ wagging. Follow these simple curly hair 101 basics to keep your curls looking fresh and sexy:

• Do not wash your hair daily. Curly hair is naturally dry so it is important to let the oils in your hair build up every two to three days before washing it. These oils are a natural frizz fighter. The natural oils also help keep breakage to a minimum.
• Organic shampoos and conditioners are the best choice- they have no chemicals that will eradicate hairs moisture. Make sure however, to purchase a conditioner that has extra moisturizing ingredients to restore your hairs vitality. For example, look for the following organic ingredients: Coconut Oil, organic Palm Oil and/or extra Babassu Oil.
• Always put in a leave in conditioner after you shower. You can mix the leave in conditioner with a mousse or gel for added texture and frizz buster.
• It’s best to wash your hair after work or at night so you can air-dry it. Blow drying increases frizz potential. If you must wash your hair in the morning, blow-dry using a long finger diffuser that will help lift and separate curls.
• If you tie your curly hair up into a bun or over style it there is a good chance it will come out looking like a birds nest by the end of the day. The best way to prepare it for the following day without washing it is to spritz water from a water bottle onto your hair and brush through it (never brush curly hair when dry unless you’re trying to make a statement). When hair is brushed, separate strands and individually twist each piece with your finger.
• To keep curls as long as possible it’s important to always take your pins and hair bands out before bed. Furthermore, switch your pillowcases to silk. Silk decreases morning frizz and unsexy bed-head.

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 Photo Sources: Brown Curly Hair Model, Black Haired Model