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‘Curling’ How to play chess on ice

Chess on ice
Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Curling is one of the most "interesting" and more popular winter game sports there is. Perhaps this is due in large part to public curiosity. Allegedly, Canada dominates in the world of curling clubs and memberships. Curling dates back hundreds of years, but was only restored as a medal sport on the Winter Olympics roster in 1998 and interest is gaining steam.

Despite its popularity, curling might also be one of the least understood of all other sporting events. The outlandish pants worn by some players (shout out to Norway) certainly do nothing to help stave off the mocking. However, watching curling or as some call it, ‘shuffleboard on ice,’ is a sight to behold and you may not know what to think.

Strategizing is a must since the objective of the players is to get the stone as close to the center (house) as possible. While this is taking place, there is a lot of cheering and commands like “go,” “whoa,” and “harder.” You see, players must feverishly sweep the ice to meet their goal. Supposedly, this sweeping motion burns off loads of calories. In the end, the team with the most stones closest to the center wins. Curling is also considered to be a friendly sport. If you are looking to hear trash talking or see blatant distractions get rudely tossed about, don’t expect it here. In fact, members of the winning team are known to buy their opponents a drink.

Currently, teams from various countries are in Sochi, Russia to complete in the 2014 Winter Olympics hoping to bring home the gold. So enjoy watching the Olympic games whether here or afar. Cheer on for your favorite athlete and catch a glimpse of curling. Check your local listing for scheduling.

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