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Curling for the mainstream

The sport curling evokes thoughts of the Winter Olympics and icy conditions, but San Diego residence can try their hand at the icy sport with the league Curl San Diego. The objective of Curl San Diego is to promote and support the sport. They host their games and sessions in the Escondido Ico-plex.

Learn the art of curling, working with Curl San Diego and their pick-up games on the ice.
Maile Rudebusch

The goal in curling is to get the stones from one end of the ice, to different areas inside the target area called the house, which has three levels of rings and a target center called the button. Each team has four players (although it is possible to play with teams of three) there is the Lead, Second, Vice and the Skip. The Skip is in charge of directing where the stones should be thrown and determines if the sweepers need to sweep faster depending on the ice conditions. Once all the stones have been thrown it is the job of the Vice’s from each team look at the house to determine who gets the point and how many points were earned. They typically have eight rounds of curling to accumulate points.

Curl San Diego offers pick-up games on Saturdays from 10:30 p.m. to 1:15 a.m. where there are enough people signed up to play. For those who have never played, Curl San Diego also offers “Learn to Curl” sessions, they don’t offer them every weekend but the dates for the next “Learn to Curl” sessions are posted on their website. During the learning sessions participants learn all the factors that go into a perfect curl game. They get tips on how to have good posture when throwing the stone and how to sweep in a way that is effective and moves the stone further or slows it down. The pick-up games are open to any skill level and there is a large spectrum of skill levels on the ice, from beginners to masters of the sport. Although beginners are welcome to play in the pick-up games, they’ll have to learn as they play.

The next two pick-up games that will be offered are Saturday May 10 and again on the 17th. Also offered on May 10 they will be offering a Learn to Curl session. Sign up in advanced for the pick-up games on Curl San Diego’s website. Curlers will be on the ice for around three hours so it’s recommended that they dress warm and wear flat shoes. For those who want to continue the sport, they can purchase their own equipment such as shoes and their own brooms.

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