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Curl damage reversed with this shampoo and conditioner

shampoo and conditioner
shampoo and conditioner

Problems with your curls? If your curly hair is damaged and dry from the winter months, Ouidad hair care is for you. Ouidad’s famous Curl Recovery shampoo/nourishing cleansing oil can fix even very badly damaged hair. Heat styling, dry weather, and coloring can cause harm to hair and Ouidad will get your curly hair back into a healthy and hydrated state. This shampoo is sulfate free and is oil based and will bring pretty, soft curls back into your hair.

The conditioner to go with the cleansing oil/shampoo is a everyday conditioner and also primes your hair for styling every day if desired. Ouidad Whipped Curls has olive oil and shea butter in it which are both particularly healthy for your hair and is hard to find in products nowadays.

Ouidad has a vast supply of other products available for consumers. Ouidad makes everything from moisture rescue shampoo and conditioner to wave enhancers and color products. The catch is they are only for curly hair. I highly recommend all of their products as they are some of the healthiest hair care products available on the market today. All leave hair soft, clean, and nourished. All are available to see on