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Curious Kittens

Kittens in threes
Kittens in threes
Kim Day

Kittens are always playing. Kitten hood is a stage in which kittens will frolic and do daring things. It is a time when kittens will be kittens until they grow up to be cats. Having a new kitten in one's household is a rewarding and entertaining experience for all. Picking the perfect kitten and bring him or her home is the first step. Providing your new kitten with kitten food, water, a litter box etc. is the start to transforming a house into a home with a kitten around.

This is the time of year when mother cats have their kittens and one can have a variety of colors and types to choose from. Keeping a scrapbook of your new kitten while it is still little is a great idea. Taking photos while they are kittens and continuing this year after year will provide one a chance to look back at when their cat was just a kitten.

Kittens have become very popular in today's household. Unfortunately, kittens, like children, do not stay young for long and grow up fast. Therefore, taking the opportunity now to engage in play with your new kitten and providing lots of toys and love will ensure that you and your new kitten will have a bond that will last for many years to come.

"Kittens are like blankets, they are warm and soft and provide comfort." By Kim Day