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Curious Emanation solo exhibition of works by Brad Biancardi @ 2ND FLR Gallery

Carl by Brad Biancardi
Carl by Brad Biancardi
Brad Biancardi

2ND FLR Gallery presents: Curious Emanation solo exhibition of works by Brad Biancardi

Opening reception Friday, September 10th 6-10pm, a part of Pilsen art openings.

903 W. 19th Street 2nd flr

Brad Biancardi recently returned from a summer residency at Religare Residency, New Delhi INDIA and will be present for the opening.

"I begin with a space. Sometimes I attempt to subvert an iconic image in order to transform it into something more personal and elusive. I intend to exploit and re-invent their inherent structures in order to find new meanings. Currently, ridged imagery is making way for something new and more imaginative. The older I get, the more I am realizing that it is necessary to undergo transformations periodically, for fear of losing a playful sense of freedom that I hope to maintain throughout my entire life as an artist. I compose my imagery based on a symmetrical model with full knowledge that asymmetrical nuances are inevitable and will bring life to the work. I am a painter, but because perception of “space” is consistently integral to my work, often I have been led to using drawing within an installation environment.

As an artist, I desire to retain a direct connection to art history by utterly consuming the potential of basic formal tools. It is an ever-present concern of mine to be equally aware of both contemporary culture and historical knowledge. I find fault in the painter who feels embedded in twentieth century theoretical matters. Simultaneously, I think that contemporary art is becoming more concerned with ideas of market and fashion, while moving further away from an artistic utopia."-Bradley Anthony Biancardi

Bradley Biancardi received his MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of
Washington in 2005. From 2005 – 2007 he was a member the Seattle based artist
collective Crawl Space: Artist-Run-Gallery. He has exhibited his paintings, drawings and
installations in Seattle at Grey Gallery, Platform Gallery, the Lawrimore Project, Soil, and at
the Crawl Space Gallery among others. He has received praise for his work from both
Regina Hackett of the late Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Jen Graves of The Stranger, and
in 2007, was a finalist for the prestigious Betty Bowen Memorial Award for Artists,
presented to northwest artists annually by the SAM. In Seattle he worked as a teaching
artist at The University of Washington, Gage Academy of Art, and Pratt Fine Arts Center.

He has exhibited in Chicago at the Hyde Park Art Center, the Co-Prosperity Sphere,
Eastern Expansion Gallery and at the Zhou Brothers Art Center. His studio was featured in
the forth volume of Proximity Magazine. In April of 2008 he was a visiting artist at Harold
Washington College, and subsequently taught painting and drawing classes within their
continuing education department. He currently teaches as an Adjunct Professor of Art at
Triton College, and at the Hyde Park Art Center. He lives and works in Chicago, IL but
maintains a close connection to the Seattle arts community.


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