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Curiosity may kill the cat but not the palate

pleasing the palate
pleasing the palate
Lisa van Eyssen

The Curious Palate,, has been open for a few years now. Set in the back of the open market at Santa Monica Place Mall, several floors above the street, CP continues to offer patrons some really delicious meals which vary with the seasons and never disappoint.If you have a chance to meet a friend for lunch, The Curious Palate is a terrific option. You can order your lunch at the front and sit down to await your dish while you visit with your companion or dive headlong into your work conversation.

To put it simply, the food is robust and well made. You can eat light or you can fill up on one of their bacon, blue cheese burgers with crispy hand-cut fries. Lovers of meat can sit across from their vegetarian friend and both clients will be satisfied at the end of the meal. Pair a glass of organic Sauvignon Blanc from Val de Loire in France with a musty Truffle mushroom 'burger' which takes advantage of the density of portobello mushrooms, acting as a faux meat patty, and you will discover the true ingenuity of the chef at CP.

Always curious to experiment with an eye to flavor and fashion, the shrimp & Nopales cactus tacos are a delight, finished with lime, honey, salsa verde, pickled radish, cilantro, and cotija cheese. Grab a Crux-Belgian style Pale Ale and enjoy the Squash Blossom quesadillas or north pacific halibut fish 'n' chips with a homemade tartar sauce.

The restaurant is small with great outdoor seating and conveniently set next to a wine shop and culinary school which only helps to further justify an inquisitive palate. Whether you are shopping at the mall or racing to see a film at the Broadway cinemas, treat yourself and anyone you can bring with you to explore this oceanside treasure and palate pleaser.