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Curiosity captures photo of Earth during Martian sunset

NASA’s Curiosity rover sent a photo it has never taken a picture of before: Your very own home planet, but from the surface of Mars. On Jan 31. the rover took a photo of Earth as well as the moon. The rover used its left-eye camera to take several of the shots of the pair through the Martian sunset.

Curiosity's first photo of Earth
Twitter, @CuriosityRover

According to the Huffington Post’s Feb. 7 post, the rover observed the Martian sunset and waited 40 minutes to photograph Earth in the night sky. NASA officials stated that should a normal human look into the night sky on Mars, Earth and the moon would be two of the brightest visible stars. They also added that the photographs taken by Curiosity are relatively unedited, minus a few touches to remove “the effects of cosmic rays.”

This might have been Curiosity’s first photo of Earth from Mars, but others exist. Mars rover Spirit took a photo titled “You Are Here” in 2004. That photograph was particularly significant as it was the first photo that was taken from the surface of another planet.

What might be the most famous photo of the Earth was taken by Nasa’s Voyager 1 spacecraft and was released by NASA on Valentine’s Day of 1990. It is known as “Pale Blue Dot.”

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