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Curing dry skin


Photo: djcodrin

Chapped, cracked, itchy, scaly, and dull…these are five words we never want to use when referring to our skin. Xerosis, or more commonly known as dry skin, affects 1 in 5 people. The residents of Denver aren’t strangers to dry skin. Colorado has the 7th driest climate in the United States! Due to this harsh, dry climate we live in, our skin is continually stripped of its protective covering of fatty oils, thus resulting in dry skin. 

Here is a list of the top ten states with the driest climates:
5.New Mexico
8.North Dakota
10.South Dakota
Even if you aren’t living in one of our top ten driest states, you can still be a victim of dry skin. Dry skin can be due to: nutritional deficiencies, age, excessive showering, harsh soaps, and as previously mentioned climate. Dry skin is a result of an imbalance of moisture and oils in the skin. While dry skin is more commonly “felt” than “seen”, the first places you will likely find dry skin is on the hands, arms, legs, and abdomen. The scratching, flaking, and redness that can be a result of dry skin are not only uncomfortable, but can be embarrassing. And while we continue to lather up with lotions, many of us have found this isn’t a cure, but rather a temporary relief. 
Before you spend hundreds of dollars on the “top moisturizing” cream here are 7 quick tips to cure your dry skin for good:

1.   Drink Water: Water heals and nourishes the skin internally. To rejuvenate your skin with moisture drinking 2 liters of water is recommended a day. This is probably the simplest thing we can do, however many of us tend to neglect this step.

2.   Load up on orange and yellow vegetables:  These foods are loaded with Vitamin A! A Vitamin A deficiency can result in dry, scaly skin especially on the hands and feet.  Carrots and squash here I come!

3.   Use a humidifier:  Adding moisture to the air will help replenish what is lost in our skin through evaporation. This is a must in our dry state, and during the winter months.
4.   Avoid harsh soaps:  Ditch the Dial, and use avocado or almond oil instead. Apply liberally to skin, and then rinse with warm water. Need another reason to switch? These natural moisture boasters also help to prevent wrinkles caused by dry skin.
5.   Take essential fatty acid supplements:  This one the best supplements for dry skin.
6.   Try natural topical methods:   Aloe vera and coca butter can be applied directly to skin to soothe dry, chapped skin.
7.   Use skin care products with humectants:  Humectants attract water to the skin and help hold in moisture. Vitamin E is a great natural humectant.
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