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Cure your winter woes

Winter Woes
Winter Woes

Typically, winter isn't at the top of the list of favorite seasons. We find ourselves with fewer hours of sunlight, more darkness, and bitter cold, and all we can do is hibernate and wait for it to be over. In the process, we become tired, sluggish, and depressed, making us hate the winter more than we did the previous year.

But it doesn't have to be this way! There is a way to melt away the winter woes, and it all comes down to taking care of ourselves. The cold weather makes it extra hard for us to keep up exercise routines, but don't let it stop you. If anything, step up your workout to help release endorphins that help lift your mood and energy. Watch what you eat; eating right could be the one thing that keeps you from spiralling into a winter-related depression. Lastly, soak up as much sun as you can. With the shorter days that are a characteristic of winter, we need all the vitamin D we can get. So open up those curtains; it's sure to be a mood booster.

Want more tips on how to lift your wintery spirits? Take a look at this infographic and let us know what you think about it in the comments!