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Cure your October Blues


A buttery almond scrub so delicious you'll want to eat it from the jar

Bellacures has become my personal mecca of saving grace that keeps me sane from month to month. I have raved about this nail salon before in my past article and I just have to highly recommend all my readers to give this place a visit!

Each month they have a new special that can only be summed up as sinful.  Making it the perfect treat to reward yourself without the extra calories!

This month they have the Oktoberfest Mani/Pedi Special. From the initial Peach Soak your senses are richly indulged as John Mayer serenades you with Gravity. Providing the perfect enivronment to  allow yourself to fully immerse yourself into the Almond Toffee Salt Scrub - so delectable that you just want to eat it from the jar. After a Ice Marine Mask technicians give your hands and feet a ten minute massage with a rich oil of orange & vanilla that would put any 5 star spa to shame. With this fall's drying weather, the hot paraffin treatment is exactly what your dehydrated body needs.

Join Bellacures' mailing list to get great promotional coupons that give you great discounts on their monthly specials. From now till the end of October you can receive $12 off your Oktober Pedicure. This will definitely get you through the rest of October and in November you'll have something else to look forward to with another monthly special!  I highly recommend my readers to request for Tiffany - she does a perfect french manicure every time. So every time you feel stressed, you can look down at your new manicure for a great pick-me-up! I can't think of a better way to fight off stress. Happy October!

For More Info:  Email me at to receive your coupon today!