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Cure the winter time blues with diet

Have a happy winter with healthy nutrition
Have a happy winter with healthy nutrition

The long winter months with its dark and cold day can really take a toll on our mood. If we are not careful we can easily slip into depression. Luckily if we take the time to take care of our body and mind we can have a happy winter season.

Tips to help improve mood

  • Increasing your intake of Folate and vitamin B12, which are needed to produce serotonin, may help to influence mood.
    • Foods that are high in folate and B12 include whole grain cereal, lentils, oatmeal, beet, shellfish, wild salmon, dairy products and eggs.
  • The main source of our Vitamin D is the sun. During the winter months we do not have enough exposure to the sun to receive adequate amount of vitamin D and we may become deficient.
    • Increase your intake of vitamin D by eating foods such as milk or juice fortified with vitamin D or by taking a vitamin D supplement.
  • We may not be sweating under a hot summer sun but we still need to stay hydrated during the winter. People are at just as at risk for dehydration in cold weather as during the summer.
    • Aim for 8 cups of fluids a day
  • Exercise is a great way to burn of stress and excess calorie.
    • Exercising in the cold and inversion can be hard on the lungs. Try a new indoor activity such as dancing, indoor racquetball, floor hockey, Yoga, or handball
  • May times we get depressed when we are bored. Stay busy by finding a new hobby
    • Try scrapbooking, reading, cooking, starting an indoor herb garden, or start a game night.
  • If we are not careful we can let ourselves become run down. Make sure to get plenty of sleep.
    • Also try going to bed earlier and wake up earlier to take as much advantage the day light hours as possible.

This winter take care of your body and it will take care of you.

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