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Cure indoor boredom for kids


Kids enjoy giant mug of hot cocoa
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Diane Bondareff

Teens spend so much time at school and their days are so full, it sometimes challenging to find activities that will suit their down time at home after school. Here are a few activities which may help to cure the indoor boredom on cold or rainy days.

Karen Hass-Foletta and Michele Cogley came up with the idea of stereo hangers in their publication, School Age Ideas and Activities for After School Programs. For this experiment with sound, you will need one metal clothes hanger, three feet of string, and two paper cups. Cut the string half. Tie one piece to each end of the metal clothes hanger. Punch small hole in bottom of each paper cup and pull string through. Knot the ends inside the cup. Put the cups on the ears and tap the hanger with a pencil. Experiment with mono (one) sound by placing one cup on an ear. The sound is moving through the metal, up the string and into the cups.

Perform a household scavenger hunt. Collect household items. Make a list of these items. One person can hide the items around the house. The others can hunt for the items. The first person to find all or the most items is rewarded with a snack made by the others.

One exciting game for teens to play inside is the cold spoon game. In the morning before school, place two large metal spoons in the freezer (overnight freezing works best, if possible). Remove the spoons from the freezer seconds before the game begins and tie the end of a small ball of yarn to the end of each spoon. This game works best with four or more people. Break up into pairs or small groups and line up single file. Set the kitchen time or watch for 5 minutes and have each teen thread the spoon and ball of yarn through their clothes. The line of people must stay close together so there will be enough string for everyone. Reward both teams with a warm mug of cocoa.

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