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'Cuppy' the cat holds mother and daughter hostage in San Diego bedroom

"He's just a ball of fury I guess" is how a neighbor described 14-year-old Cuppy the cat.
"He's just a ball of fury I guess" is how a neighbor described 14-year-old Cuppy the cat.
Freezeshot via abc channel 10 news

It appears to be another case of feline anger; Cuppy, a 14-year-old feline belonging to a woman who lives on Neptune Court in Chula Vista, San Diego, held the woman and her daughter hostage in the bedroom reported

On August 12, a 911 call came into the Chula Vista police station, and according to the notes from the dispatcher said, “the cat is holding her and her adult daughter hostage in their bedroom and attacks them when they try to leave the bedroom.” Apparently one of the women woke Cuppy up from a sound sleep when one of the women needed to use the bathroom.

Cuppy cornered the daughter swiping and shredding the woman's nightgown.

It was obviously a slow night for the police. When they arrived at Cuppy's home, the belligerent feline didn't back off, but eventually, with gentle coaxing and calling out her name, Cuppy became bored of the "let me scare these humans because they woke me up from my nap" game and pussy footed off and out of the home. Authorities were equipped with a broom as a weapon, but thankfully were not called upon to use it.

A neighbor, Karen Yaeger told kgtv news that the cat "is just a ball of fury I guess."

The family took the cat to their vet in the morning. There have been no reports as what the final outcome will be for Cuppy.

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