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Cupcakes on the move

Cupcakes from Flirty Cupcakes
Cupcakes from Flirty Cupcakes

Food trucks have become a popular staple in New York and many other major cities, but when it comes to Chicago it is not a common sight, until now. Gourmet food is on the move in the city, and the cupcake is no exception.

When it comes to this sweet treat, there is no doubt people will go out of their way to get one. We have all dreamed about having a truck full of cupcakes drive right by. Thanks to the addition of Flirty Cupcakes, Chicago’s first Gourmet Food Truck, our dream has become a reality. If you think you will only get your basic chocolate and vanilla flavors, think again. As reported by Daily Candy, the truck is filled with a variety of gourmet creations, and a surprise flavor every week.

If you would rather not hope to be lucky enough to walk by at the right time, you can keep track of their location on Facebook and Twitter. Some locations they have already visited this week include:

LaSalle and Wacker
Northwestern University
Wells and Superior
Chicago and Franklin
Lincoln Park
Merchandise Mart
And many more….

If only we could have had this kind of technology with the ice cream truck.


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