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Cupcake tour of America - Swirlz Cupcakes - Chicago, IL


photo by Swirlz Cupcakes

For an Atlanta girl in the Windy City, nothing warms the soul like a good cupcake. Chicago has definitely caught on to this cheap and cheerful dessert craze, and one may find great cupcake joints all over town. But for me, Swirlz Cupcakes takes the cake.

Located in hip Lincoln Park, Swirlz Cupcakes is one of the few cupcakeries with vegan and gluten-free varieties. As someone who demands neither and admittedly once feared such modifications would detract from flavour, I can happily say they are just as exciting as the all-out versions. Gluten-free cupcakes are texturally similar to madeleines, so imagine giant French tea biscuits with the added benefit of frosting. With options like gluten-free Chocolate Grasshopper Mint (chocolate cake, bittersweet ganache, mint buttercream) and Chocolate Chip, what’s to miss? Likewise, all cupcakes have two-tone frosting combos for a tango on the tongue: Chocolate Passion Fruit, a chocolate cake filled with passion fruit curd, is topped off with bittersweet chocolate ganache and passion fruit buttercream, while Banana Split, a vanilla cake filled with banana cream, is layered with strawberry buttercream, ganache, toasted pecans and a cherry flavoured flower. Goodness, that's even better than a real banana split!

Swirlz Cupcakes delights all tastebuds and is sweet surrender for any dessert connoisseur. They’re certainly worth braving the snow for… and coming from a warm weather native, that’s saying something.

Next we head to our nation's capital to taste Georgetown Cupcake!