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Cupcake tour of America - Georgetown Cupcake - Washington, D.C.


Fit for all parties     photo by Georgetown Cupcake

Washington, D.C.’s food scene is on the up-and-up, especially its delicious desserts. Where do folks from all walks of life, from all political parties, go to taste the latest and greatest? Georgetown, naturally… home to Georgetown University, edgy restaurants like Hook, and for cupcake connoisseurs, Georgetown Cupcake!

Georgetown Cupcake was started by sisters Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne (left to right in pic), who draw their inspiration from their grandmothers and a lifelong love of baking. You can tell a lot of passion goes into their creations, as much passion as I have eating them. For conservative tastebuds, Vanilla & Chocolate or Red Velvet will reinforce what you always knew you loved. But for liberals who push the boundaries of taste, Lemon Berry or Lava Fudge – a decadent chocolate cupcake with a fudge core! – will fuel your urge to always try new things. There's truly something for everyone at this delicious cupcakery. Of course, you could always grab a mixed dozen for a little, private dessert convention; I doubt any side would take issue with that.

Whatever your political views, Georgetown Cupcake has luscious goodies that are perfect for any party.

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