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Cupcake tour now offered in San Francisco

SF Cupcake Tour
SF Cupcake Tour
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

You can now eat your way around San Francisco. Well, you always could have, but now there is a tour for it. The Great Foods Cupcake Tour has officially arrived.

The tour will take you through seven bakeries in Pacific Heights, with a sweet taste at each stop along the way. Kara's Cupcakes, SusieCakes and CocoaBella are all on the list of stops. Hmmm, will two hours of walking balance out the calories from seven cupcake tastings? Seems worth it either way.

Reportedly, the Saturday and Sunday tours have been selling out quickly, so book ahead if you are planning to add this to your summer to-do list. The tour will set you back $50, but all food is included.

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