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Cupcake debate: Three-year-old argues and debates with mom

Every parent has at one point or another found themselves in a debate with their kid(s). They know what they want and will ask over and over again until you finally cave in. On March 11, 2014, the Daily Mail shared the story of one mom's debate over cupcakes with her three-year-old son, Matthew (Mateo).

Cupcake debate with mom
Daily Mail

Linda Beltran said she was picking up Mateo and his little brother Kevin (PaPas) from their Gramma's house and was told Mateo didn't want to eat dinner. After telling him he would not be having a fun night if he didn't eat dinner, Mateo found cupcakes and "was on a mission to have them." After Linda told the boys no cupcakes, they went to ask Gramma.

This was when the negotiating began and Linda grabbed her phone, pretending to be on it and filmed Mateo's adorable but powerful argument.

"Linda, listen to me, listen to me, listen," says Mateo.

"But I have to yell at you guys," says Linda.

"Ok Linda, listen, listen, listen." says Mateo.

"You're not listening to me," Linda says.

"You're not listening to me," Mateo argues back.

While a lot of what Mateo says is not understandable, he feels he has a valid argument and makes sure his mom (Linda) it. When Linda tells Mateo she needs to spank him and his brother for trying to get Gramma to give them cupcakes, he tells her no because he (Kevin) "is his little Papaps."

Linda explained to UberConference that Mateo calls her and his dad, Kenneth by their first names when he wants to make sure they are paying attention.

At one point in the over two minute video, Mateo goes from calling her Linda to calling her honey.

Mateo definitely has a strong personality and looks like the Beltran has a future politician or lawyer in the family.

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