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Cupcake Caps invention the party-perfect, sugary-sweet treat

Cupcake Caps are party-perfect for any occasion
Cupcake Caps are party-perfect for any occasion
Brooke Brooks

Oftentimes the most genius of ideas are born out of necessity. Such is the case with “Cupcake Caps” invented by Dallas resident and single-mom Brooke Brooks.

It’s early Sunday morning and I’m at Brooke’s house sitting at the kitchen table with Brooke’s mom and her two daughters about to devour the breakfast Brooke is cooking over the stove. There’s a medly of smells wafting out of the kitchen – fresh orange, maple, bacon, biscuits – and a thin layer of flour on the countertops, as she’s just finished a large batch of Cupcake Caps for a party she’s throwing the following week.

Her daughters are talking to me about school and friends and Cupcake Caps between coloring, cartoons and Farmville on their Apple laptops. “Mom makes some of the best food I’ve ever had and that’s why her Cupcake Caps are so good ... whatever she's making smells good and is making me SO HUNGRY for breakfast right now,” one of them is saying in one breath while the other finishes a picture, eyeing it thoughtfully before declaring it would probably look cool on Cupcake Caps.

I’m here to find out more about Brooke’s creation, something I discovered after tasting the Fall-inspired Cupcake Caps she created for a company function. Though I worked with Brooke at the time, I didn’t know her – but that soon changed. There’s a bridal magazine on the coffee table open to a page featuring pastel-green Cupcake Caps. I pick it up: “Brides Party Style,” it says, featuring Cupcake Caps in BRIDES Magazine. I’m impressed.

From the kitchen Brooke starts to tell me her story –

A cowgirl at heart from Tulsa, Okla., Brooke lives in Dallas with her elementary school-aged twin girls, is a self-taught pastry chef and used to sing with the Tulsa Opera. Today she balances her day job as an information architect (website guru) for one of the world’s most popular travel websites with the Cupcake Caps business she runs out of her home.

Brooke created Cupcake Caps after being asked to bake and decorate cupcakes for a party at the girls’ school … something that would travel well, and taste and look good at the end of the day. “Baking was the easy part,” Brooke said. “It was figuring out how and with what I would decorate the cupcakes; that’s when the idea for Cupcake Caps really came to life.”

Brooke’s recipe and process for Cupcake Caps is top-secret – not even her daughters (who often help with ideas for designs) know all of the ingredients. Over the past couple of years Brooke has tweaked her recipe here and there and, though it may look a lot like fondant, it’s definitely not. “The problem with fondant is that it looks great, but it doesn’t taste very good,” Brooke said. Like fondant, Cupcake Caps have a firmness to them, but that’s where the similarities end. Sugary-sweet and delicious, Cupcake Caps are more pliable than fondant and are made primarily of sugar, which gives them their sweet taste. “As sturdy as Cupcake Caps are, everyone finds them surprisingly easy to bite into,” said Brooke.

Cupcake Caps are FAT FREE, easy to use and, if stored in a cool, dry and dark place, can last up to six months. Select from one of hundreds of designs from Brooke’s Cupcake Caps website, or customize one of your own. Affordable (starting at $12/doz.), Brooke makes Cupcake Caps out of a professional kitchen in Dallas and ships them in individually sealed bags to keep their freshness preserved, which also gives customers the luxury of opening only what is needed at the time, saving the rest for later.

So how do Cupcake Caps work?

  1. Bake or buy standard-size cupcakes
  2. Cover the tops of each cupcake with frosting
  3. Drop Cupcake Caps on top
  4. Bingo! Party-ready cupcakes for guests

Order your own today at Tell her Lea, the Dallas Food Examiner sent ya!


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