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Cupcake Camp Miami 2014 Baker Spotlight: Savvylicious Sweets

Savvy, the inspiration behind Savvylicious Sweets and her cakepop making mom, Ana, will be at Cupcake Camp Miami on January 25th, 2014 from 2:00pm to 5:00pm at World of Beer-Midtown.
Savvy, the inspiration behind Savvylicious Sweets and her cakepop making mom, Ana, will be at Cupcake Camp Miami on January 25th, 2014 from 2:00pm to 5:00pm at World of Beer-Midtown.
Ana Anselmo

If there was one baker that Cupcake Camp Miami stood for, it would be Savvylicious Sweets. Ana, the cakepop maker behind Savvylicious Sweets has taken her own personal experience with her daughter's life-threatening illness and their trip to Give Kids The World Village (the event's benefitting charity) and endeavored to spread awareness about the importance of organ donations through her sweets. Before meeting Savvy and Ana at next week's Cupcake Camp Event, Ana answered a few questions for this Baker Spotlight.

How did you come up with the name Savvylicious Sweets?
Our Warrior Princess is Savvy and she has been simply Delicious since birth so when it came to naming the company I went with my heart Savvy + Delicious = Savvylicious Sweets.

Savvy is the inspiration behind our company. Savvy earned her nickname as the Warrior Princess when she was just a few months old. I looked at this beautiful happy baby whose body was failing her and just saw happiness. She was tougher then I could ever imagine being and yet she was just the most delicate little princess…. a mom’s dream! She had no idea that you were not suppose fight so hard on a daily basis just to stay alive. Savvy was born with a rare disease named Biliary Atresia. She spent the first year of her life in liver failure and needed an organ transplant in order to live. We were lucky; she received a liver transplant at the age of 1 year and 24 days. But who was counting?!

I am a huge advocate of organ donation. It is the reason I began this company. It is the reason I am able to breathe today. It is the reason our CEO and Warrior Princess is alive today…7 years old! I am a mom. It is the reason I began this company. It is the reason I am able to breathe today. I am an accidental baker and decorator! Accidental baker? Yup! I was actually attending graduate school to receive a doctorate in clinical psychology (I have a passion for helping others and thought that this was to be my calling)….then my Warrior Princess was born and she was sick, very sick.
For the first year of her life I did everything in my power to keep her alive. Sounds simple? Well, it wasn’t so I dropped out of life. You see once I gave birth to Savvy I had a piece of me-my heart living outside of my body-and I knew that if she stopped breathing, so would I. We had a lot of challenges but after waiting 8 months with all of the odds against us (1 in 3 pass away simply waiting for an organ), we received the Gift of Life; the Gift that I will forever be grateful for. This Gift was given to our family by strangers that had never met our Warrior Princess, never kissed her, never held her, and they said YES to organ donation in the mist of their tragedy and they saved my baby's life. I have tried for the past 6 years to find the words and I have come to the conclusion that the words of gratitude simply do not exist.

One day, back home I was giving my baby girl one of her many post-transplant medications and I turned on the Martha Stewart show and I was stuck: you see the adorable woman was doing a segment on cake pops! This was Angie Dudley, better known as “Bakerella” or as Savvy calls her “The Cake Pop Queen”! I looked up her blog immediately and contacted her. I had to share with someone my frustration about the lack of awareness about organ donation-over 100,000 people are waiting daily for their chance at life and that is not just a statistic, that was my baby! Through the kindness of her heart, Angie contacted me and we shared our tears. What I did not know was that Angie was a recipient of a kidney, she too was one of 100,000 and understood! She took our conversation and created a cake pop (Pops For A Purpose:

I didn’t immediately start creating cake pops. I had a baby that just had a liver transplant. I didn’t immediately start doing much of anything except care for my child. As time passed I realized that if I made amazing cake pops, truly amazing in taste that people would want to come back and eat them again, I realized that I could use {Sugar} to share Savvy’s story and in turn maybe, possibly, if you are still reading this, you might have a conversation that is not easy to have but one that is so necessary: a conversation about organ donation.

I have made it a mission to create sweets that taste amazing. They have to be Savvylicious in flavor that look amazing because let’s be real, if it is pretty, it will catch your eye and who doesn’t want pretty around them? If I make these amazing treats I can have a platform and with this platform I will use my voice to advocate and honor the Gift that we have received!

What inspires you to bake?
My goal is to create the most amazing sweet treats so that you absolutely fall in love with the taste and presentation. Hoping that you learn Savvy’s story and, one day hopefully in the far future, if you are given the opportunity to make the decision to provide the Gift of Life to someone that you do and that in the back of your mind you remember how the Gift of organ donation made such an impact on how you have enjoyed our sweets for so many years due to that Gift.

What is your favorite thing that you offer?
Everything! If I don’t like something, I mean really, really like it, then I will not sell it.

What is your best selling item?
Our Red Velvet Cakepops are the best selling items.

What are your baking hopes for the upcoming year?I hope to be baking up a storm for everyone that reads this article and participates in this awesome Cupcake Camp (and their friends, and their friends … word of mouth is our best advertisement!)

What has been your biggest kitchen disaster?
Knock on wood but I can’t think of a kitchen disaster yet. I hope that this is not going to jinx me!

Describe your cupcakes in three words.They are Savvylicious!

What advice do you have for others who are considering baking as a career?
I would advise you to go to business school. A company is not just about the product. We make an amazing product! A lot I have learned through trial and error is that there is a lot of work behind the scenes that has nothing to do with baking.

Do you do custom orders?We specialize in custom orders.

What is the price range for your sweets?
Our starting price range for our sweets is $30 a dozen.

What is the best way to place an order?Simply go on line and visit our website and use the contact form or email us directly at We customize our work for each client so please allow enough time for this process.

Where should people go to find out more?
Our website, Facebook page, on Twitter @SavvyCakePops, and on Instagram @SavvyCakePops.

Savvylicious Sweets will be at Cupcake Camp Miami 2014. Tickets for the event are $10.00 ($11.54 with Eventbrite fees) and can be purchased here. For more information on the event, visit Cupcake Camp Miami 2014's Facebook page.

This article is part of a series highlighting the bakers who will be donating cupcakes and present at this year's Cupcake Camp Miami event. The event benefits Give Kids The World Village.

Stephanie Diaz is the writer behind Confessions of a City Eater. For more on baking visit Confessions of a City Eater or send your emails to

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