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Cupcake boy: Viral video plea from 'Cupcake' boy gets him his just desserts

The “Cupcake Boy” is getting that cupcake, and boy is it ever a cupcake (or should we say cupcakes) for the ages, handed to him by daytime television host Ellen DeGeneres. After seeing the viral video of 3-year-old Mateo arguing with his mom for a cupcake with attorney-like acumen and determination, Ellen bestowed the family with a whole heap of superhero-themed cupcakes, as well as a check for $10,000.

According to CNN on March 20, the “rambunctious toddler from San Jose, California, wanted a cupcake, but his mother, Linda Beltran, said no. So Mateo took his case to his grandmother and asked her, in Spanish. His mother busted him, and explained to the little guy why he couldn't have a cupcake.”

Linda and Mateo’s video has now been viewed over 3 million times and has attracted thousands of comments. Included among the viewers was Ellen, who posted the video on her Facebook page, saying: “I want this little boy to come to my show immediately. I want to retain him as my lawyer.”

And come they did, leaving with hundreds of cupcakes and enough cash to buy thousands more.

“My 3-year-old must argue and debate everything,” Linda Beltran said.

Her son Mateo is a debating machine, and refers to his mom by her first name – an action that Linda says she taught Mateo to do in an emergency. To a three-year-old, what could be more urgent than an immediate need for a cupcake?

When Linda called Mateo out and asked why he unabashedly went behind her back and hit up his grandma for a cupcake, Mateo tries to reason with her.

“You need to listen to me ‘cos I’m the mom,” Linda says. "I'm done arguing with you."

But Mateo keeps pleading his case: “Linda, listen, listen, listen … You are not listening to me.”

Linda has also posted other videos of Mateo on YouTube, including those of Mateo singing and making lunch.

Says the CNN writer who discussed the hundreds of comments that jumped to conclusions about the parenting skills and the family life of Mateo and his mom: “This story reminds us what the world needs. More empathy. More respect. More compassion. And more Ellens.”

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