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Cupcake ATM Comes to New York

Sprinkles satisfies sugar cravings with ATM-slide0
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Wish you could stroll up to the ATM and get a sprinkled, sugary baked-good? For fast-paced, food loving New Yorkers, these dreams have become a reality. Next week, the Upper East Side will be home to a cupcake ATM, courtesy of the L.A.-based bakery, Sprinkles.

Sprinkles satisfies sugar lovers dreams
Sprinkles Facebook

According to the bakery’s press release, the cupcake ATM will be 24-hours and be restocked daily. The ATMs have the capacity to hold 760 goodies, and can dispense up to four cookies or cupcakes per order. Not only can low-blood sugar pedestrians on Lex Ave. get their sugar rush in a rush, but they can treat their dogs as well. The ATM will also dispense doggie cupcakes!

Sprinkles plans on opening more cupcake vending machine ATMs midtown, downtown, and in the Upper West Side. The bakery already has one stationed in Las Vegas.

Check out Sprinkle’s first cupcake ATM opening Tuesday on Lexington Avenue, near 60th Street.